The HUBZone Council advocates for policies that bring opportunities to HUBZones and contracting opportunities for HUBZone companies. On Capitol Hill and Federal agencies, the Council’s policy team is active in promoting our agenda. However, any successful advocacy effort also includes direct communications between constituents and their elected officials. That is where you come in. As HUBZone certified companies, you are affected by government policy every day. Engagement with lawmakers in your home districts can make all the difference when advocating for meaningful policy changes to the program and acquisition policies that impact federal buying.


The best way to make sure the Council’s message is heard is to schedule a meeting with your Senators and Representative through their local district office, but other options also exist.

        • Click here to find your Representative by entering your zip code. Each Member has a website with the locations and phone numbers of District/State offices.
        • Click here to find your Senator by entering your state.
        • Schedule a meeting with your legislators. Call their district office and be flexible. You may have to make more than one call to arrange this meeting.
        • An alternative to one-on-one meetings is attending District/State town hall meetings. These are open to the public and can generally be found on the Member’s website or by contacting the office. If you attend one of those events, you can request a brief introduction with the Member.
        • Additionally, you can use the content in this recess alert to send in the form of a letter to your legislator. You can find their contact information through the links above
        • Finally, social media, including Twitter and Facebook, are brief, but well-used avenues for communicating with legislators. Congressional Committees also have social media accounts where comments can be directed.


The goal of Congressional outreach during recess is to amplify the message the HUBZone Council builds in Washington. Start by introducing yourself, your business, and the contribution your company makes to the community.

Meeting tips:

        • Keep It Simple: Members will likely not know the ins and outs of our policy requests. Likewise, you are not expected to be a policy expert.
        • Keep It Concise: These meetings tend to be short. Know what you want to say and focus on the “ask.”
        • Have Your Leave Behind Letter: Leave behind the Council’s letter regarding the issue at hand.
        • Follow Up: Follow up matters. After the meeting, be sure to send the appropriate thank you email to the legislator and any staff members in attendance. If you discussed any items that need to be passed along, please do so in a timely fashion. If the legislator asked you any questions and you need additional information, please feel free to send your requests to Michelle Burnett at

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